Retirement Planning


We have many years experience of helping our private clients plan for and enjoy retirement - and also helping our many corporate clients provide and run pension schemes and employee benefit packages for their staff.

It is a sad fact that millions of people in the UK are not making enough financial provision to maintain their standard of living when they retire. Far from enjoying a comfortable retirement, many will struggle to get by. No-one can maintain a reasonable lifestyle just by relying on the state pension - successive governments have encouraged people to secure their own future through personal pensions.

A retirement fund can be built up in many different ways with a combination of pensions and other investment plans. The diversity and flexibility of the pension options available may surprise you. We advise on Personal Pensions, Executive and Director's Pensions, SSAS and SIPPs, Group and Stakeholder Pensions. We also provide specialist investment advice for pension funds.

If you are approaching retirement we offer an open-market annuity search and selection service but, with annuity rates at an all time low, it is also important to consider other options which may provide greater flexibility and control - such as Phased Retirement and Income Drawdown.

You can now retire gradually or choose when and how to take benefits. Take part of your pension fund as tax free cash while leaving the residual pension fund to grow tax efficiently, take income directly from the pension fund, transfer preserved occupational and personal pension benefits, minimise tax liability, obtain the best annuity rates each year, and choose an investment portfolio that suits you.

There have been many changes in pensions matters over the last few years - and we believe that further changes are inevitable. Our experience and technical knowledge has helped to keep our clients informed of these changes and on track to achieve their objectives.

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